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Macau Fireworks

Best Watersports and Beaches in Macau

Every continent around the world has their fair share of stunning beaches and watersport locations.Whether that is Mexico in South America, the beautiful beaches …

best gifts for nature lovers

12 Best Gifts For Nature Lovers [2022 Edition]

Looking for the best gifts for nature lovers? You’ve come to the right place. The perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast on your list …

best snorkeling in florida

15 of the Best Snorkeling Destinations in Florida [Updated 2022]

Are you searching for the best snorkeling destinations in Florida? You’ve come to the right place! The Sunshine State is a place with endless …

best snorkeling in california

Best Snorkeling in California (2022 Guide)

California is great for many things, and it’s snorkeling is no exception! To find the best snorkeling in California, let’s travel it’s 840 mile …

responsible ocean use

8 Responsible Ocean Use Tips

Did you know that more than 100,000 marine animals die each year from plastic entanglement? Oceans, seas and coastal areas create an essential component …

best snorkeling in mexico

10 Best Snorkeling Destinations in Mexico

Want to experience the best snorkeling in Mexico? Here are 10 locations that are sure to impress! Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the …

what is eco adventure tourism

What is Eco Adventure Tourism? (2022 Guide)

What is Eco Adventure Tourism all about? Basically it’s responsible travel to natural areas which helps conserve the environment or sustains the well-being of …

tropical vacations to take

20 Fabulous Tropical Vacations To Take In Your 20s

​Your 20s are a wonderful time to travel. Since you likely don’t have a lot of responsibilities, traveling in your 20s means that you …

how to look good at the beach

How to Look and Feel Fabulous at the Beach This Year

A chiseled physique or a tanned body isn’t necessary to look good at the beach. I’ve found that a few simple changes can elevate …

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