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No matter your skill level or adventure type, we're here to support your sense of adventure and to provide you with the inspiration and skills necessary for an epic bodyboarding experience. Here you'll find guides and gear reviews to enhance your bodyboarding experience, and to get you in the water as soon as possible. 

best skimboard traction pads

The Best Skimboard Traction Pads: 2022 Buying Guide

Skimboarding is a fun water sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s best done with the proper gear that’ll improve and enhance …

how hard is skimboarding

How Hard is Skimboarding: Risks vs Rewards [2022 Edition]

How hard is skimboarding? There are several variables that will have an impact on how each skimboarder answers this question.  How quickly you become …

how to ride a skimboard

How to Ride a Skimboard: Beginners Guide

Duke Kahanamoku has been referred to as the father of modern surfing.  “The Big Kahuna” once said, “Out of water, I am nothing.”  If …

reasons try skimboarding

4 Fun Reasons to Try Skimboarding

During your visits to the beach, you’ve likely seen people hitting the water skimboarding and thought that it looked like a lot of fun. …

skimboarding v surfing

The Guide to Skimboarding vs Surfing

If you are lucky enough to go to the beach and want to enjoy a water sport while you are there, then you need …

tips for skimboarding

7 Great Tips for Skimboarding Success

​​If you’ve always dreamed of getting out in the ocean and gliding along on the top of powerful waves, but you aren’t comfortable with …

A young boy bodyboards in the surf.

What to Know About a Skimboard Vs Bodyboard

If you are taking a beach vacation with the family and want to make sure that you can get into the water and enjoy …

skimboards for wave riding

Choosing the Best Skimboard for Wave Riding: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Quite recently, skimboarding has begun to emerge from the shadow of a certain popular water sport to take its own spot center stage.Enjoying a …

best skimboards for beginners

5 Best Skimboards for Beginners: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

If you’re searching for the best skimboards for beginners, you’ve come to the right place! Skimboarding is a great way to experience the thrills …

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