Scuba Diving Gear Guide [Infographic]

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There’s a reason why we love SCUBA diving so much

Nearly one third of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, much left unexplored even today. This water is filled with mysterious canyons and fascinating marine life, seen up close only by those adventurous enough to dive deep into the home of whales, sea stars, jellyfish, corals and so much more.

Scuba Diving Gear Guide Infographic

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Prepare ahead of time for a safe and fun diving experience

SCUBA diving requires open-water training and complex equipment certification, along with the essential gear- which is crucial for a fun and safe day exploring the world under water. 

Preparing for your diving excursion you’ll need the essentials, and we suggest you bring additional gear to make your dive experience the best possible. Things such as an air integrated dive computer, underwater compass, diving lights and mask defogger can turn your good dive experience into a great one! 

Make the most of your dive

By preparing for your dive excursion ahead of time, you’ll set yourself up for ultimate success on the water! This SCUBA diving guide is your quick and easy checklist for diving essentials and more. 

SCUBA diving allows you to feel free while exploring underwater, and makes you one with the natural world in the deep blue. Take your time to pack the best gear, learn the essentials, and then dive into an experience unlike any other! 

Is there a piece of diving gear we haven’t mentioned that you just can’t dive without? Let us know what you think should be added in the comment section below!