Scuba Diving

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Whether you're a novice to this fun water sport or a veteran diver, these guides and gear reviews are designed to enhance your scuba diving adventures in the underwater world. No matter your skill level or diving style, we're here to support and inspire your sense of adventure and love for the deep blue. Here you'll find the digital resources needed to dive into the world of SCUBA. 

best scuba diving in oahu

7 Best Scuba Diving Destinations in Oahu

In a lush and vibrant underwater world, diving in Oahu is truly unlike any other! With many diverse dive spots to choose from, we’ve …

best dive sites in florida

The Best Dive Sites in Florida of 2021

If you are a certified SCUBA diver or considering earning your c-card, you should put Florida’s waters at the top of your scuba diving …

best gifts for scuba divers

25 of the Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

If you’re feeling stumped on what to gift your diving friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. When you’re not a scuba …

best scuba regulator

The 5 Best Scuba Regulators of 2021 [Buying Guide]

Scuba Diving is a fun adventure sport that connects you to the underwater world like no other sport can, and it requires the proper …

best places to scuba dive for beginners

The Best Places to Scuba Dive for Beginners [2021 Guide]

What are the best places to scuba diver for beginners?  There are almost an unlimited number of islands and dive sites to choose from …

underwater photography tips

Underwater Photography Tips: A Beginners Guide

The unpredictability of nature is elevated when you enter the water and begin exploring all that lies beneath the water’s surface.  Exploring this amazing …

how to travel with scuba gear

How to Travel with Scuba Gear: 2021 Guide

All serious scuba divers know they have expended a significant amount of time, effort and cost in acquiring their dive gear.  Protecting and maintaining …

how to clean scuba gear

How to Clean Scuba Gear: What Every Diver Needs to Know

Jacques Cousteau, a man who dedicated his life to exploring the Earth’s largest natural habitat, described his experiences with the following profound words: “From …

what should divers do for their own safety

What Should Divers Do For Their Own Safety?

There are inherent dangers for all scuba divers, no matter your skill level or experience.  The question that faces all ocean lovers is, what …

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