Important Kayaking Safety Tips [Infographic]

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There’s a reason kayaking is such a popular ocean sport worldwide

One of the many great things about kayaking is that it can be a remarkably safe ocean sport if you take the time to learn your gear and the water, and prepare for your trip ahead of time. It’s a fun activity which can cater to both beginners and experts alike, and be used for casual leisure or for sport and exercise. 

Kayaking Safety Tips Infographic
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It’s important to understand that things can go wrong

When something goes awry while out on the water, understand that it will go wrong quickly. You can prepare ahead of time, learn the best safety procedures for extreme situations, and keep yourself as safe as possible while having fun paddling in the open ocean. 

Understand potential risks and hazards involved with kayaking, and assume a safety conscious attitude with every decision you make while on the water. 

Stay safe on the water

Staying safe while kayaking means preparing ahead of time, and using this simple guide you can get to paddling the water in no time! Remember to always practice conservative safety choices while on the water, and be honest with yourself about your skill level. It’s better to take it slow and get a feel for the sport than to end up in a dangerous situation. 

So whether it’s your first time kayaking, or you’re looking to take the sport back up, we hope you’re jumping in a kayak in no time and enjoying the open water! 

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Remember to always pay back to the ocean. Read more about responsible ocean use and why ocean conservation is important to our future.