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Best Wetsuit for Cold Water Swimming of 2019

cold water swimming wetsuits

If you want to swim in cold water, you are going to need some protection. It does not take long for your body temperature to drop in cold water, and a drop of only a few degrees can be detrimental. A wetsuit provides a barrier between your body and the water. Your body temperature will […]

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The Best Wetsuit for Bodyboarding: Our Picks

wetsuit for bodyboarding

A wetsuit is crucial for a good bodyboarding experience. It keeps you warm and comfortable in the water, ensuring that you can stay in the surf for longer. It also increases your aerodynamic properties, for reduced drag and better movement when wet. A good wetsuit provides thermal protection without sacrificing flexibility and range of motion […]

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The Search for the Best Kayaking Water Shoes

kayaking water shoes

Footwear is probably one of the last things that you think about needing if you are going to be kayaking, but great shoes are really important to make sure that you have the best possible experience. Not only will the best kayaking water shoes help you keep from cutting your feet on jagged rocks when […]

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The Best Wetsuit for a Beginner Triathlete

beginner triathlete wetsuit

For the longest time, opting for a rental wetsuit was the most popular option for a beginner triathlete, especially if you expected a decent one. Apart from the ridiculously high price, most beginner triathletes just couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a wetsuit they may not use every summer. Fortunately, with the sport gaining popularity over […]

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