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Getting in Shape and Other Reasons to Try Surfing

reasons to try surfing

Everyone has seen surfers out on the ocean, catching huge waves and riding them in, looking effortlessly cool and having the time of the lives. Most people don’t think that that could ever be them, but I know that it could. Every single surfer has to start somewhere, and if you have ever dreamed about […]

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The Guide to Skimboarding vs Surfing

skimboarding v surfing

If you are lucky enough to go to the beach and want to enjoy a water sport while you are there, then you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you. With so many different options for spending the day out on the water, it can be overwhelming to choose the […]

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Discover the Best Surfboard for a Beginner Child

surfboard for beginner

Create great memories with your little onesBeing a fan of the world’s most popular water sport means you get to experience a plethora of awesome moments on the surf. There are those perfect waves you’ve caught, the awesome tricks you’ve perfected and that one time when you actually got to see a school of dolphins […]

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Best Skateboard for Surfing Training

skateboards for surfing training

Thinking of joining the cool kids’ surfers club? Want to improve your surfing when you can’t make it to the beach? If so then you’ll want only the best skateboard for surfing training you can find. However what you must know is these modern skateboards are also more fashion statements than simply designed for surfing. […]

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Best Surfboard Rack for SUV: 2018 Buyers Guide

surfboard racks for suvs

Taking a well-deserved vacation to the beach is indeed an exciting time. You probably already have fun activities lined up for you and your family—surfing included. But imagine reaching your destination only to find your surfboard scratched and damaged or worse still if it falls off the car roof en route. What a way to […]

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