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The Best Kayaks for Families of 2019

best kayaks for families

Kayaking is a fun and safe way for whole families to enjoy summer activities and water sports. It’s an activity that is enjoyable and healthy, and lets you build special memories together. But not all kayaks are good for the whole family, so it’s important to look for a kayak with enough space and the […]

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The Best Wetsuit for Bodyboarding: Our Picks

wetsuit for bodyboarding

A wetsuit is crucial for a good bodyboarding experience. It keeps you warm and comfortable in the water, ensuring that you can stay in the surf for longer. It also increases your aerodynamic properties, for reduced drag and better movement when wet. A good wetsuit provides thermal protection without sacrificing flexibility and range of motion […]

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The 5 Best Gloves for Kayaking

Three kayakers enjoying a day on the water.

If you are going to be kayaking, then you need to make sure that you have all of the right gear so that you can be sure that you have the best possible time. I have found that while most people are aware that kayaking gloves exist, they think that they only need them when […]

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The Search for the Best Kayaking Water Shoes

kayaking water shoes

Footwear is probably one of the last things that you think about needing if you are going to be kayaking, but great shoes are really important to make sure that you have the best possible experience. Not only will the best kayaking water shoes help you keep from cutting your feet on jagged rocks when […]

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Best Scuba Masks with Purge Valves

scuba mask with purge valve

If you like going scuba diving or snorkeling, you know that masks can be temperamental. Once they let water in, when you are submerged, getting rid of that water can be difficult if you aren’t an experienced diver or if it’s been awhile since your Open Water course skills training. If you have a purge […]

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Great Tips for Skimboarding

starting out skimboarding

If you have always dreamed of getting out in the ocean and gliding along on the top of powerful waves, but you aren’t comfortable with the idea of being so far from shore, then skimboarding may be a great option for you. This hobby is easy to take up, as you only need a beach […]

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Best Free Diving Watches for 2019

free diving watches

Over the past several years, free diving popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. And it’s not hard to see why as it combines many of the popular elements of scuba diving with the challenges of adventure sport. It challenges people physically, mentally, and some will even say spiritually as divers seek to overcome the […]

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Kayak Buying Guide: Best Kayaks for Ocean Use

kayaks for ocean use

Finding the right kayak to use in the ocean can be a difficult task, especially when browsing through dozens among dozens of products that could potentially fit your needs. Whether you are just getting into the hobby and looking for a kayak to start out with or you are a kayak fanatic who would like […]

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The Best Snorkel Sets for Kids this Summer

kids snorkel sets

Snorkeling is not only a fun activity, but it’s great for feeding your child’s inquisitive mind. So what better way than to make their exploring adventure that much more fulfilling than investing in a snorkel set? And for your child, we’re sure you only want the best. We’re reviewing the best snorkel sets for kids on […]

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