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How to Stay Safe While Learning to Surf

Two surfers look out at the water.

Surfing is a great water activity but it requires practice. I found it incredibly hard just to learn how to balance on the board. Learning how to ride a wave was a completely different challenge. While surfing requires practice, beginners have a few additional details to pay attention to. Besides learning how to surf, you need […]

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How Hard Is Paddleboarding for Beginners?

paddleboarding beginner

There are many different water sports and activities that provide a chance to do something more than splash around in the water. You can go surfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, and even paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is an activity that I always wanted to try. However, without any experience, I was terrified that I’d spend the entire time flailing around […]

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Is Snorkeling Dangerous? What You Should Know

snorkeling dangerous

Snorkeling allows you to get a closer look at what is going on below the waters. You can view coral reefs or watch schools of fish as they swim away from you. While snorkeling looks like a lot of fun, I had one question before I tried it for the first time. Is snorkeling dangerous? It […]

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Best Wetsuit for Cold Water Swimming of 2019

cold water swimming wetsuits

If you want to swim in cold water, you are going to need some protection. It does not take long for your body temperature to drop in cold water, and a drop of only a few degrees can be detrimental. A wetsuit provides a barrier between your body and the water. Your body temperature will […]

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Is Snorkeling Good Exercise?

is snorkeling good exercise

While going on vacation is a great opportunity to relax, that doesn’t mean that you need to take time off of working out and caring for yourself. If the thought of hitting the gym before you hit the beach doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s time to consider how you can get a great workout […]

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The Best Scuba Mask Defogger For Your Next Dive

scuba mask defogger

Experiencing the perfect dive​There aren’t too many of us who can resist the allure of the pristine waters which gently lap at the gleaming white sands of our favorite beaches, or that magical pull which invites us to explore the wondrous world that exists just below the surface. And once you take that plunge you feel […]

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Discover the Best Surfboard for a Beginner Child

surfboard for beginner

Create great memories with your little onesBeing a fan of the world’s most popular water sport means you get to experience a plethora of awesome moments on the surf. There are those perfect waves you’ve caught, the awesome tricks you’ve perfected and that one time when you actually got to see a school of dolphins […]

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The Best Kneeboard for Beginners

kneeboards for beginners

Versatile and exciting fun on the waves  Ever since Bud Hulst and Mike Murphy introduced the world to their very special surfboard, kneeboarding has continued to gain an army of faithful fans. And it’s pretty easy to understand why. Any water sport which ensures its fans get to experience the joys of water-skiing, surfing and […]

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The Best Wakeboard for an Intermediate Rider

wakeboard for intermediate rider

You’ve discovered the joys of the one sport which feels like an exciting combo of snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. And thanks to hours and hours of dedication and even a few wipeouts, you have finally honed your wakeboarding skills to rather impressive levels. And because every achievement deserves a reward, we will be taking a look […]

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