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Great Tips for Skimboarding

If you have always dreamed of getting out in the ocean and gliding along on the top of powerful waves, but you aren’t comfortable with the idea of being so far from shore, then skimboarding may be a great option for you. This hobby is easy to take up, as you only need a beach […]

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Best Free Diving Watches for 2018

free diving watches

Over the past several years, free diving popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. And it’s not hard to see why as it combines many of the popular elements of scuba diving with the challenges of adventure sport. It challenges people physically, mentally, and some will even say spiritually as divers seek to overcome the […]

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The Best Snorkel Sets for Kids this Summer

kids snorkel sets

Snorkeling is not only a fun activity, but it’s great for feeding your child’s inquisitive mind. So what better way than to make their exploring adventure that much more fulfilling than investing in a snorkel set? And for your child, we’re sure you only want the best. We’re reviewing the best snorkel sets for kids on […]

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Best Skateboard for Surfing Training

skateboards for surfing training

Thinking of joining the cool kids’ surfers club? Want to improve your surfing when you can’t make it to the beach? If so then you’ll want only the best skateboard for surfing training you can find. However what you must know is these modern skateboards are also more fashion statements than simply designed for surfing. […]

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Best Wetsuits for Beginner Triathlete

beginner triathlete wetsuit

For the longest time, opting for a rental wetsuit was the most popular option for a beginner triathlete, especially if you expected a decent one. Apart from the ridiculously high price, most beginner triathletes just couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a wetsuit they may not use every summer. Fortunately, with the sport gaining popularity over […]

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What are the Best Kayaks for Beginners? Our picks!

kayaks for beginners

Thinking of adding kayaking to your list of watersports to try out in 2018? Embarking on a new adventure is always exciting—but first you need the right gear. With plenty of models which vary in size and design, deciding which kayak to buy can be intimidating. Whether you’re looking to go for long jaunts or simply […]

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Best Surfboard Rack for SUV: 2018 Buyers Guide

surfboard racks for suvs

Taking a well-deserved vacation to the beach is indeed an exciting time. You probably already have fun activities lined up for you and your family—surfing included. But imagine reaching your destination only to find your surfboard scratched and damaged or worse still if it falls off the car roof en route. What a way to […]

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