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What SPF Is Best for the Beach?

spf for the beach

Everyone knows that you need to wear sunscreen when you go to the beach. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how much sunscreen you need or what SPF to use. The last time I went into a store, I saw sunscreen with SPF 100. I didn’t know that they could go higher than SPF 60. Instead […]

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Can You Check Beach Chairs on a Plane?

check beach chairs on a plane

When going on a trip to a sunny resort, you may plan on spending a lot of time on the beach. It makes sense that you’d want to pack some of your beach gear, including your beach chairs. However, airlines have major restrictions on the luggage that you can check or carry on to the […]

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How to Keep a Cooler Cold While at the Beach

A delicious ice cream treat at the beach.

Bringing your own food and drinks with you when you are going on a beach trip will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that you don’t have to go back to the room for meals and will provide everyone with something that they love when they are hungry. Unfortunately, I have […]

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Great Tips for Skimboarding

starting out skimboarding

If you have always dreamed of getting out in the ocean and gliding along on the top of powerful waves, but you aren’t comfortable with the idea of being so far from shore, then skimboarding may be a great option for you. This hobby is easy to take up, as you only need a beach […]

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What Do I Need For Beach Vacation With My Family?

A happy family enjoys the beach

Getting to go on a vacation to the beach is very exciting, but without proper planning you may find yourself there without the right items. When you take time to plan before packing, then you can be certain that you and your family won’t forget anything and that you won’t spend your first day on […]

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When Can I Take My Baby to the Beach?

take baby to beach

Lucky me. I’ve given birth to a beautiful baby girl and I cannot be happier. And as the months go by, I am wondering when can I take my baby to the beach? Surely, there should be an easy answer. I feel there is a lot of conflicting messages out there from well-meaning parents, bloggers, […]

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How to Anchor a Beach Umbrella in the Sand

Anchor a beach umbrella

While you’re having fun at the beach, one of the last thing you want is to see your beach umbrella flying through the air. Not only can this ruin your day, but it could potentially hurt someone. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to anchor your umbrella securely. Save yourself from having to go […]

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