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How Is Beach Glass Formed and Where Can You Find it?

how beach glass is made

When you walk along the shore of the beach, you’ll likely see plenty of seashells, rocks, and other debris from other beach goers. The last time I walked on the shore, I came across what appeared to be small colorful glass pebbles. These pebbles are really beach glass. They are not natural gems created by mother […]

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How Hard Is Paddleboarding for Beginners?

paddleboarding beginner

There are many different water sports and activities that provide a chance to do something more than splash around in the water. You can go surfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, and even paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is an activity that I always wanted to try. However, without any experience, I was terrified that I’d spend the entire time flailing around […]

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What are Beach Cruiser Bikes and Why Should You Ride One?

what are beach cruisers

Despite the name, a beach cruiser bike is not specifically built for riding on the beach. They are built for stability, durability, and comfort on any terrain. Cruiser bicycles feature wider tires and tend to weigh more than a standard bicycle.  Quick Navigation Basic History of the Beach CruiserDifferences Between a Cruiser and Other BikesConclusion: […]

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