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Best Portable Grill for Beach Cookouts

portable beach grill

Who doesn’t love grilled hot dogs and hamburgers at the beach? They’re delicious, and being on the beach is a wonderful experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need a great portable grill to make them. Consequently, we’re offering information on 5 fantastic portable grills that can make your beach meals a lot […]

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Seven Important Things to Have at a Beach House

what to have at a beach house

There’s nothing better than owning or renting a beach house to enjoy during the warmer months of the year. It’s great to be able to get away, catch some of the sun’s rays and enjoy the sounds of the ocean. It’s a relaxing and restorative experience you’ll want to have. If you ever get the […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Beach Etiquette

beach etiquette

​There are few things spending a day at the beach won’t cure. It’s one of the most relaxing places in the world. The only thing that can possibly ruin it is someone who doesn’t practice proper beach etiquette. We’ve all been to a beach where some people acted rude and obnoxious and prevented other people […]

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Best Colors to Wear for Photos on the Beach

best colors to wear for photos on the beach

Beach time is here. Incredible photo opportunities showing off family, friends and beautiful beach scenarios are always a part of the fun. Personally, I love to have my camera ready at all times to capture the endless beauty, colors and textures gorgeous beaches and their inhabitants have to offer. Taking great pictures surrounding love and togetherness […]

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How to Plan a Cheap Beach Vacation

plan a cheap beach vacation

Warm sand between your toes, the tang of sea salt on your lips, the sound of rolling surf in the background–who doesn’t love to dream about long days spent on the beach? The dreams can often lead to frustration, though, if finances are a major concern–as they are for so many of us. Read on […]

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Choosing the Best Sunscreen for Beach Vacations

Best sunscreen for the beach

Buying the right sunscreen is important if you are going to be spending any time outside and want to make sure that you can protect your skin. If you are taking a vacation to the beach, then it is even more imperative that you buy the right sunscreen. The best sunscreen for beach vacation will […]

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Best Things to Take to the Beach for a Perfect Day

Best things to take to the beach

​We can all agree that there’s pretty much no better way to spend those hot summer days than going to the beach. Beach days can help you unwind, break the everyday monotony, and fill your day with all kinds of amazing activities. However, often times you pack your stuff and get to the beach, only to […]

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