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The Best Beach Games for Families of 2019

beach games for families

Do you go to the beach a lot with the whole family, but often find yourself looking for something to do? Do you want to kick back and relax but need to make sure that the kids are entertained and having fun? These are common problem that affect many beach goers. However, that is why […]

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What SPF Is Best for the Beach?

spf for the beach

Everyone knows that you need to wear sunscreen when you go to the beach. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how much sunscreen you need or what SPF to use. The last time I went into a store, I saw sunscreen with SPF 100. I didn’t know that they could go higher than SPF 60. Instead […]

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Best Gifts for Someone Going to the Beach

beach gifts

Do you know someone who is going on a beach holiday and you want to get them a gift? No matter who it is, people always love gifts, but of course, finding the right thing can be hard. Especially when you’re looking for the right gift to help them enjoy their vacation or relaxing day […]

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Free or Affordable Beach Activities for Preschoolers

Preschooler blocks spelling out play

Spending the day at the beach with your young children should be a fun time. However, before packing everything into the car, you may want to think about how you’ll spend the day. Without stimulation, your preschooler may get bored and fussy.​ I’ve gathered a list of my favorite beach activities for keeping children entertained. These […]

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5 Fun and Inexpensive Beach Activities for Families

A woman doing yoga on the beach

There are a lot of people who head out to the beach with their families or with a group of friends, and they don’t realize all of the inexpensive activities that are available to them. I like to bring fun games and activities that get everyone involved, and some beaches are designed with activities for […]

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How to Keep a Cooler Cold While at the Beach

A delicious ice cream treat at the beach.

Bringing your own food and drinks with you when you are going on a beach trip will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that you don’t have to go back to the room for meals and will provide everyone with something that they love when they are hungry. Unfortunately, I have […]

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What Do I Need For Beach Vacation With My Family?

A happy family enjoys the beach

Getting to go on a vacation to the beach is very exciting, but without proper planning you may find yourself there without the right items. When you take time to plan before packing, then you can be certain that you and your family won’t forget anything and that you won’t spend your first day on […]

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8 Essential Ocean Safety Tips

beach safety

When it’s nice outside, a trip to the beach seems to be a great idea. You get to kick off your shoes, strip down to your bathing suit, and float around in the water. Unfortunately, about 10 people die every day from unintentional drownings. A day at the beach should be fun, not full of worry […]

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