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Best Foundation for The Beach

foundation for the beach

When you’re on the beach, you may want a different kind of foundation coverage than what you might use normally. Some want something lighter, while others want an option that offers blemish coverage as well as coverage from the harmful UV-rays of the sun. In those times, a great beach foundation can be just the thing […]

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Best Hammock for Hot Weather of 2018

hammock for hot weather

There are few things more relaxing than spending time in a hammock on a hot day. The shade and gentle swinging often make for a great napping space, and you can even opt to take the hammock camping. These convenient tools are such a great way to relax when the heat is looming. However, it’s not […]

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Best Dog Toys for The Beach of 2018

dog toys for the beach

To entertain your dog at the beach, you need a great dog toy. Typically, that means getting a dog toy that is durable, lasting and provides tons of entertainment to keep your dog interested. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to find a dog toy that will keep your furry friend busy […]

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Best Horseshoes Game For The Beach

horseshoes game for beach

There are a number of activities you can do at the beach. Swimming, fishing, boating and playing games are all great ways to spend your time with the sun and sand. One great game that can be easily played at the beach is horseshoes, and it’s often a favorite among those who have learned the […]

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Best Repellent for Biting Flies at The Beach

biting flies repellant

It can be hard to enjoy your time at the beach when you’re being bitten! Luckily, there are a number of  fantastic products that can help you to avoid the issues that can come from biting flies, mosquitoes and more. Each product on this list strives to repel such issues with little problem. Check out […]

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