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Best Kids Metal Detector for The Beach of 2019

kids metal detector

A metal detector can be fun for adults and children alike, and we all know how kids like to hunt for buried treasure. It’s a particularly fun activity to do while you’re spending time on the beach and it can keep children busy for hours on end. There’s really no downside. That said, choosing the best […]

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The Best Cover Up For The Beach of 2019

cover up for the beach

Let’s be honest, ladies. A pretty beach cover up is a stylish staple with a multi-purpose. The ​right beach cover-up protects after sunning. The garment offers modesty for entry into common places like bars or stores where too much skin looks inappropriate. A fashionable cover up also goes from day into night. Sometimes you might […]

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Finding the Best Dog Shoes for the Beach

best dog shoes for the beach

If you love to go to the beach and want to take your furry friend, then you need to make sure that you plan how you are going to keep it safe. While many people do a great job planning for what their family members will need to stay safe while on vacation, including sunscreen, […]

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The Best Baby Beach Gear of 2019

baby beach gear

Are you planning a family beach trip with the kids? Maybe you have just had another addition to the family, a cute baby boy or girl. Of course, there is no reason why the newest addition to the family should have to miss out on going out for a day in the sun. However, you […]

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The Best Playard For The Beach

playard for the beach

Sure, bringing your kids to the beach is fun, but you cannot always control them and keep an eye on them every minute. To make things a little easier on you, you might want to look into getting a playard. These offer convenience, comfort, and most of all safety for your little one’s day at […]

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In Search Of The Best Budget Marine GPS

budget marine gps

Are you planning to go boating or fishing, but don’t know what kind of gear you need? One of the most important things to have, both for finding your way and for finding fish, is a GPS. The right unit can make the difference between a successful fishing trip or a trip to your local […]

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The Best Beach Games for Families of 2019

beach games for families

Do you go to the beach a lot with the whole family, but often find yourself looking for something to do? Do you want to kick back and relax but need to make sure that the kids are entertained and having fun? These are common problem that affect many beach goers. However, that is why […]

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Can You Check Beach Chairs on a Plane?

check beach chairs on a plane

When going on a trip to a sunny resort, you may plan on spending a lot of time on the beach. It makes sense that you’d want to pack some of your beach gear, including your beach chairs. However, airlines have major restrictions on the luggage that you can check or carry on to the […]

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Must Pack Gear: A Beach Towel That Repels Sand

towel that repels sand

Beach towels are a dime a dozen and you can really find them anywhere. However, not all beach towels are made the same, with one big problem being that most of them get super sandy. If you want a beach towel that repels sand well, you will want to stick around for these reviews. It’s […]

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The Best Stroller For A Beach Vacation

stroller for beach vacation

If you go to the beach a lot and have young kids, you know that ​it can be a stressful experience. You don’t want to carry your little one around all day, which means that you are going to need to bring a stroller. But not all strollers are ideal for the beach. Most of […]

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