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Best Waterproof Watches for Swimmers of 2018

waterproof watches for swimmers

A watch can be your best friend when you’re somewhere a phone can’t be taken. For example, a swimming pool or beach isn’t a great place for a smartphone, but it can work just fine with a waterproof watch. That way, you’ll still be able to keep track of the time without having to leave […]

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The Best Beach Cruiser for the Money

beach cruiser bike

Experience the beach like never beforeThere is something incredibly freeing and ethereal about cycling along the beach against the vast blue backdrop of the endless ocean. Especially since it seems like a postcard or a scene from a summer blockbuster come to life. You too can get to experience such an enchanting ride with the […]

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Best Waterproof Radio for Beach Days

waterproof beach radio

Thinking of listening to some music while on vacation at the beach? For most people, a radio is a must have on their list of items to pack when going to the beach. While you can always listen to music coming from the radio being played behind you, nothing beats having your own playlist. So why […]

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Best Kids Metal Detector for The Beach of 2018

kids metal detector

A metal detector can be fun for adults and children alike, and we all know how kids like to hunt for buried treasure. It’s a particularly fun activity to do while you’re spending time on the beach and it can keep children busy for hours on end. There’s really no downside. That said, choosing the best […]

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