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Best Free Diving Watches for 2018

free diving watches

Over the past several years, free diving popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. And it’s not hard to see why as it combines many of the popular elements of scuba diving with the challenges of adventure sport. It challenges people physically, mentally, and some will even say spiritually as divers seek to overcome the […]

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Best Kids Sun Domes For The Beach

kids sun domes

When you go to the beach with your kids, it is very important to provide them with the right protection from the harmful effects of too much sun. But you don’t have to wonder which sun dome is the ideal option because this is exactly what we’re here to help with today. Let’s take a […]

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The Best Beach Gear For Toddlers

beach gear for toddlers

Are you going to the beach with your kids? If so, you do not want to go empty handed. Kids can be fussy, and they quickly get bored, so you need to have the right equipment on hand to deal with anything that comes up. This is even more important on a beach trip as […]

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The Top Packable Beach Chair of 2018

packable beach chair

When you’re taking a trip to the beach, you want a chair that can keep up. In most cases, something lightweight, durable and easy to carry is something well worth having so you won’t need to worry about carrying around something heavy, or the chair breaking as soon as you get there. In addition, you want […]

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Best Beach Hats for Short Hair

beach hats short hair

If you are a woman with short hair, you probably know that finding a good hat, especially a beach hat, can be a little difficult. Sure, there are lots of hats on the market, but you don’t want just another hat, you want the right hat! You want something that looks good, is breathable and […]

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Your Guide to the Best Shoes for Beach Walking

shoes for beach walking

Your annual family vacation to the beach is coming up and though you’ve picked the perfect swimming attire, have you bought the right shoes? But then again are shoes really necessary? Of course you can decide to walk around barefoot, after all it’s more comfortable – or is it? We get it: Your idea of a […]

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Best Shoes for Running on the Beach: Buyers Guide

shoes for beach running

Beach season is fast approaching bringing with it images of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. This picture is idyllic but trips to the beach are seldom just ‘plug and play.’ Planning is important for a successful holiday. If you fail to plan ahead with packing, you will be paying inflated ‘tourist’ prices for […]

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The Top Beach Bag for Guys

Beach Bags For Him

Style and convenience in equal measure  It’s the one moment you have been looking forward to all week. And after what has felt like an eternity of back to back meetings, it’s finally here – a blissful afternoon at the beach. Now you will be able to practice your crawl, put your surfing skills to the […]

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