How To Securely Setup A Tent On The Beach

It is a beautiful summer day and you have decided to pack up the family and spend the day, and maybe a night or two, on the beach. But can you put a tent on the beach? And if yes, how do you secure your tent to make sure the wind does not lift it and blow it down the beach?

When you camp, you need to know how to keep your tent secured in place, especially on the beach. The soft sand makes it almost impossible to secure your tent using regular pegs, so you need a different solution.

Tents are easy to set up just about anywhere, but a beach is tricky. Tents need firm, solid ground to anchor the pegs. Luckily, there is a solution to this issue. However, you first need to check if the beach you would like to visit allows tents. If yes, read on to find out how to put a tent on the beach securely.

How to Set Up Tent on the Beach

How to Set Up Tent on the Beach

Make sand bags

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the beach is decide where you want to set your beach tent up. Once you have found the perfect spot, set up your tent and position it correctly. Then, grab a shovel or spade and dig a hole around 3 feet from each of the tent posts.

You need to make sure that all of the holes are the same distance from the tent in order to keep the tent secure, so check that they are exact. Use plastic trash bags to create sand bags. Take the sand that you dug out of the holes and fill each bag. Tie each guy line around a sand bag and place the sand bag in the corresponding hole.

You can also use rocks

If you do not have plastic trash bags, you can also use rocks. Just like with the sand bags, tie each guy line to a rock and place the rock in the holes that you dug. Rocks are weightier than sand bags, so if you are concerned about stronger winds, this may be a better route. However, sand bags are simpler to make and easier to lift and move, so the choice is up to you.

Bury the rocks or sand bags

Once you have tied the guy lines to the rocks or sand bags, you need to bury them in the holes that you dug. Put the rock or sand bag in the hole and cover it with the sand that you dug out earlier. You can also add some rocks on top of the hole once it has been filled. This will provide additional reinforcement. You need to make sure that the rocks or sand bags are properly buried in the sand to hold your tent down in strong winds.

Bury the rocks or sand bags

Secure everything

Next, you need to make sure that everything is secured. This is done by creating more sand bags or fetching more rocks, if necessary, and placing them on the edges of your tent as well as in the corners inside the tent. This will weigh the tent down, preventing the wind from lifting it up. The more weight you add, the less chance the wind will blow your tent away. If you place rocks inside your tent, check for sharp corners and place a towel down if necessary.

Add water

Thankfully, when camping on the beach, nature will normally provide you with everything you need, such as sand, rocks, and water. Damp sand weighs more than dry sand. If you suspect that the wind will become problematic, grab some sea water in a bucket or bottle and pour a small amount on the sand in the sand bags as well as over the sand the fills the holes. This will make the sand bags and hole-filler heavier and more secure.

F​inal Thoughts

Most beaches allow you to pitch a tent that you can use for shade, snoozing, and security. A beach breeze is meant to cool you down and make you feel refreshed. But as we all know, Mother Nature often has a mind of her own.

Knowing which beaches you can put a tent on and how to set up a tent in strong winds without being able to use pegs will go a long way to making your summer a great one. Besides, camping is meant to be enjoyable and exciting. These easy steps will help ensure you have an amazing experience that does not involve your tent rolling down the beach.

Tents are easy to set up just about anywhere, but a beach is tricky. Read on to find out how to put a tent on the beach securely. #BeachVacation

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