Best Things to Take to the Beach for a Perfect Day

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​We can all agree that there’s pretty much no better way to spend those hot summer days than going to the beach. Beach days can help you unwind, break the everyday monotony, and fill your day with all kinds of amazing activities.

However, often times you pack your stuff and get to the beach, only to realize you forgot something. This can be very annoying and maybe even ruin the perfect mood.

​To help you avoid this, we want to give you a list of must-have items for a well-organized day at the beach. So here are the things that you won’t want to forget.

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The Basics

There are some things that can never be left out when you’re going to the beach. These include towels, flip-flops, sunglasses, and swimsuits. Invest in a large beach bag or beach cart that you can use to carry all the necessities with you easily.

Some spare clothes are always welcome, as well as some swimsuit coverups. It’s always a good idea to make a list of all the essentials and make sure that you check it every time you go to the beach.

Plenty of Cold Drinks

We all know the importance of staying hydrated during a hot summer day. When the temperature reaches unbearable levels, even swimming in the sea won’t be enough to refresh you.

This is why bringing cold drinks is essential. The amount will depend on how much time you plan on staying at the beach, and so will the cooling methods. For a shorter amount of time, the best thing to do would be to freeze water before you go. The ice will turn into water that’ll stay cold for a while.

But if you like long days at the beach, investing in a portable freezer or a cooler might be a good idea. You’ll be able to keep drinks, fruit, and everything else you need cool enough for the entire day. There are some great deals online, so make sure to check them out.


Sunburns are a very common part of summer. Most people will experience it at one point. Even though most instances of sunburn don’t cause any serious issues, it can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you have sensitive skin.

For this reason, bringing sunscreen with you is always a good idea. Many people struggle to find the right one. If you’re among them, here’s a list of recommended SPF for each skin complexion:

  • Very fair (if you burn easily and can’t get a tan): 30-50+
  • Fair (your skin burns easily, but you can get minimal tan): 30-50+
  • Light (moderate burns, tans from time to time): 15-30
  • Medium (minimal burns, tans easily):  6-15
  • Dark (burns rarely, tans always): 2-10
  • Very dark (never burns, easy to become very pigmented): 2-10

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Beach Umbrella

No matter how much you like the sun, chances are you’ll get tired of it at one point. This is where you’ll want to have some shade. Beach umbrellas can protect from the heat and harmful UV rays.

There are many different types to choose from. The one you go with will mostly depend on the number of people, as well as additional features that you might need. These include adjustable poles, roof ventilation, and a strong base.

Pro Tip: If you have young children, consider a beach tent. They're great for naps out of the sun as well as providing a fun play space.

​Beach Mat

This is an essential item if you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be. Make sure that you go for one that satisfies all your needs.

For example, you’ll want to go with one that is designed to stay in one place. They usually have pockets that you can fill with sand so that they don’t get blown away by a strong wind. Also, make sure to choose a material that is durable and dries easily.

Radio/Portable Speaker

Music makes pretty much every activity more fun, and the same goes for beach days. Having a speaker with you will ensure that you can enjoy your favorite songs while chilling and sipping your favorite drink.

It really doesn’t matter what music device you bring, as long as it will play the music you love. Whether it’s a little boom box or a powerful portable speaker, there’s no doubt that it will make your day at the beach more enjoyable.

Lots of Entertainment

Even though the beach can be fun on its own, bringing some extra fun is never a bad idea. Pick your favorite activities and bring the necessary equipment.

It can be a Frisbee, board games, a football, bodyboard, or a book. If you’re going with your kids, make sure to bring their favorite toys, along with some things that can ensure quality family time. Whatever you enjoy best is fair game for your beach day.

Waterproof Stuff

This includes phone cases, waterproof cameras, and other gear that let you document every good moment. Even if your phone is waterproof, you wouldn’t want to risk ruining an expensive device just so you can take a couple of underwater selfies.

Waterproof cameras can ensure that you catch every exciting moment, whether you’re diving, surfing, or doing any other kind of interesting activity. A good thing about waterproof cameras is that they’re way more useful than what they cost.

Beach Chairs

There are many people who don’t really enjoy sitting on the beach. They either don’t want the sand to get stuck in their swimsuit or just aren’t comfortable for whatever reason. If this describes you, a beach chair can be one of the best things to take to the beach.

There are many convenient chairs that are easy to store and carry. They’re also affordable for the most part, so it can be a good investment in case you don’t already own some.

First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to ruin the fun vibe that the beach provides by thinking about something bad happening. However, this isn’t really a good way to think, since you never know what might happen, whether you’re going with your kids or friends.

This is why having a first aid kit is a smart idea. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but it’s better to have one with you and not use it than the opposite. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just make sure that you have the essentials.


There’s a very good chance that your social media feed is full of people on floatables. These have recently become a huge trend, and more people consider them an essential item.

They can provide a ton of fun and a place to chill out, if you don’t really feel like swimming. You can find them in all sizes and numerous funny designs, so variety definitely won’t be an issue. As soon as you try them out for the first time, you’ll wonder how you could’ve ever gone to the beach without them.

​The Final Word

These are the best things to take to the beach that will put a check mark on a perfect day at the beach. If you take them with you, you’ll be safe, comfortable, and most of all, have a ton of fun.

Of course, everyone has different priorities, so you can modify the list based on your own preferences. What’s important is to make a list, and ensure that you have everything on it. Once you manage to do this, you can take full advantage of one of the best things that summer has to offer.

Beach days can help you unwind, break the everyday monotony, and fill your day with all kinds of amazing activities. But what you bring can often be just as important as the beach you choose. #beachlife #beach

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