What are the Best Scuba Boots of 2020?

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With a market full of great diving accessories, here we’ve gathered some of the best scuba boots on the market today! Water sport activities, and the walk to get there, can be rough on feet, especially in cold waters. Diving boots, however, help to keep feet warm, dry, safe and comfortable on your next adventure. 

From high-cut and rugged boots to low-cut ‘smart socks’, there is surely a water shoe accessory to please everyone. Keep reading to find out which 11 boots made our list!

Best ​Scuba Boots Reviewed

1. ​Cressi Tall Neoprene Boots for Scuba Diving 

Cressi Isla 5mm, black/black, US Men's 10


The Cressi tall scuba boots are specially designed to fit comfortably for use throughout marine adventures, and to keep feet warm and dry, especially in cold waters. Suitable for use inside of fins, these boots are a high fit design to cover and protect ankles and feet. 

The durable and functional design of this boot provides a back of the heel that fits perfectly into open-heel scuba fins making them convenient to take on and off while diving with fins. Both the toe and the heel of these boots are reinforced with long-lasting rubber to help prevent wear and tear in the high-stress areas of the boot. These features provide ultimate longevity in the product, ensuring the boots protect your feet for many adventures to come. 

Product Features

Made of a soft, durable and double-lined neoprene, these scuba boots have a zipper that goes from the sole of the foot to the ankle- making it easy to take on and off. It also comes with a built-in fin strap holder design on the back of the heel to maintain a snug fit for feet in the fins, and a durable sole for extra protection to feet. Additionally, the elastic neoprene material of the boots provide the ultimate comfort, while the rubber toe and heels keep feet safe, warm and protected.  


  • ​Comfortable Fit
  • ​​​Gripping Sole for Ultimate Traction
  • ​Durable and Functional Design
  • ​​Help Retain Heat to the Body
  • ​Budget Friendly


  • ​Zipper can Unintentionally Open

2. ​Mares Neoprene Scuba Dive Booties 

Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots-10


The low-cut design of the Mares scuba dive booties is ideal for exploring underwater, featuring a lightweight and comfortable fit that’s great for long use during the day. Marine adventures require a shoe that’s durable enough to withstand snorkeling and scuba diving adventure environments, and these boots are highly rated and reviewed to do just that. 

Featuring a low-top design for added convenience in the water, these dive boots can be taken on and off with ease. Additionally, the soles have a drainage system to ensure any water has an easy exit away from feet. Because these boots fit into open heel fins, and feature a quality design, they’re ideal for use during swimming, snorkeling and dive adventures.

​Product Features

​The low-cut design and easy in use are just some of the many reasons these boots made it to our top scuba boots on the market list. Featuring rubberized heels, the booties both offer plenty of protection to feet, and keep fin straps in place while wearing dive fins. Additionally, the  lightweight neoprene material upper design is ideal for keeping feet comfortable throughout the day, and the no-slip rubber grip sole offers ultimate traction and grip while exploring slippery shores. 


  • ​Lightweight and Comfortable Design
  • ​Easy to Wash and Maintain
  • ​Allows Water Drainage
  • ​Gripping Non-Slip Sole


  • ​​Sizing can be Challenging
  • ​Requires Time to Dry

3. ​SEAC Pro Neoprene Wetsuit Boots 

SEAC Pro HD 6mm Neoprene Wetsuit Boots with Side Zipper, X-Large


The SEAC Pro wetsuit boots are a durable and protective footwear for ultimate warmth and safety while scuba diving. These boots feature a strong molded and high-gripping sole that adds extra traction for exploring on slippery shoes or in the shallows. Additionally, they fit comfortably inside of open heel scuba dive fins, making them ideal for a day spent exploring the majestic deep blue. 

Because of the thick sole, quality upper and high-top design, these scuba dive boots are a great choice for diving in cool waters. They offer plenty of thickness to help retain as much heat as possible to the body, and offer excellent protection against the marine elements and the environment around you.

​Product Features

​The upper of these dive boots features a thick neoprene material to help retain heat and ensure your feet are comfortable while adventuring. Additionally, the dense and durable rubber sole is ideal for exploring a variety of marine environments, even featuring a heel air bubble to reduce stress while walking or diving. The SEAC Pro dive boots also offer ultimate convenience for users with a rigid and high-grip zipper for easy use, and to make taking them on and off a breeze. Lastly, with a hook-and-loop closure, these boots stay securely closed during the entirety of your adventure, keeping a snug fit and ensuring your feet are safe all day.


  • ​Gripping Sole for Traction on Land
  • ​​​Comfortable and Durable Fit
  • ​Provides Ultimate Warmth in Cold Waters
  • ​Easy to Grip Zipper
  • Thick Neoprene Upper and Thick Rubber Sole


  • ​​​Sizing can be Challenging
  • ​More Cost-Intensive

​4. ​Deep See Atlantic Scuba Diving Boots 

Deep See Atlantic 6.5mm Dive Boot, Black, Size 11


The Deep See Atlantic scuba dive boots have a high-top and durable design, made to keep feet protected and safe while exploring underwater. Featuring flexible heel and toe guards, these boots are both comfortable to wear and protect feet against abrasions from marine environments. Because dive boots are best used both in and out of the water, the durable sole offers protection both on and off the land. 

As well as a quality construction, these diving boots also offer ease in taking on and off thanks to a heavy-duty zipper. The lightweight materials and quality design gives them a comfortable fit with enough protection to keep feet safe while exploring a variety of ocean environments.

​Product Features

​The upper of these boots are made of a thick neoprene material and a flexible non-slip rubber sole for ultimate warmth underwater, and added traction grip. Additionally, these boots feature a built-in strap stop, zipper lock and entry pull, ensuring these boots are user friendly and well-suited to withstand marine elements. They can be used for snorkeling or scuba diving, as they fit into open heel fins comfortably and can be used for lengthy day adventures. They also provide cushioning on the tops of feet to prevent extra pressure and discomfort throughout use. 


  • ​​​Cost Friendly
  • ​Thick Neoprene and Rubber Sole to Retain Heat
  • ​Gripping Traction Soles
  • ​Lightweight and Flexible Design
  • Heavy Duty Side Zippers


  • ​Can Retain a Bit of Water

​5. ​​SCUBAPRO Delta Diving Boots 

Scubapro 5mm Delta Boot


The comfortable fit and quality gripping sole are just two of the great features of the SCUBAPRO Delta diving boots. These boots are designed to both protect feet from abrasions while exploring marine environments, and to retain warmth to the body to keep feet safe, warm and comfortable. Along with a comfortable fit, these boots feature quality zippers and velcro to ensure they stay snug on your feet throughout adventures. 

For added safety while exploring, these boots offer reinforced toe and heel caps to add protection in high-wear and high-stress areas. Additionally, they have a strap keeper for a comfortable fit in open heel fins, making them perfect for deep water diving and diving in cold water conditions.

​Product Features

​Featuring a neoprene upper construction with a durable outsole and rubber armor, this boot is great for protecting feet while exploring a variety of marine environments. Because of the thick neoprene and rubber soles, these boots are suited to withstand cold water conditions and keep the user comfortable throughout the day. Built with anti-slip tread, arch support for comfort, a long zipper and velcro patch to keep them snug on your feet, these boots do it all! 


  • ​Comfortable Fit
  • ​Gripping Anti-Slip Sole
  • ​​Zipper and Velcro for a Snug and Secure Fit
  • ​Sturdy Fin Strap Holds Fins in Place
  • Arch Support
  • Rubberized Armor for Added Protection


  • ​​Sizing can be Challenging

​6. ​NeoSport Neoprene Top Pull on Dive Boots 

NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Low Top Pull On Boot, Black, 9 - Water Shoes, Surfing & Diving


If you’re looking for a quality layering addition for aquatic sports like snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and more, these boots are ideal for warm water ocean sports! The NeoSport pull-on dive boots have reinforced heel and toe protection for increased durability in high-wear and high-stress areas. These additions add both comfort and security to your feet while adventuring, especially on shores with sharp shells, rocks or other marine debris.  

Because these boots offer a zipper-free and roll-on design, they offer ultimate ease in taking them on and off. Additionally, this style offers a snug and comfortable fit that will keep snug on feet throughout your adventure.

​Product Features

​The NeoSport top roll boots are designed for ultimate convenience, made of a durable neoprene material upper and a flexible and heavy-traction sole. The durable rubber sole is designed with an internal puncture resistant line, ensuring your feet have ultimate protection and security in a variety of marine environments. Additionally, the high-traction soles offer stability and comfort when exploring both in and out of the water. The boots are constructed using glue and blind stitching seams to provide a heavy duty bonded thread. This offers the maximum longevity, ensuring the boots keep protecting your feet for many adventures to come.


  • ​Durable High-Traction Soles
  • ​Puncture-Resistant Protection
  • ​Comfortable and Lightweight Fit
  • ​Easy On/Off Design
  • Blind Stitching Seams for Longevity


  • ​​​Not Ideal for Cold Water Diving

​7. ​Seavenger Zephyr Neoprene Dive Socks 

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks | Wetsuit Booties for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming (Black, Large)


A different take on dive boots, the Seavenger Zephyr dive socks are designed for comfort and foot protection while exploring marine environments. The snug and pull-on fit of these aqua socks are ideal for warm water adventures, and leisurely ocean sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and paddle boarding. Not only do these dive socks offer a layer of protection for feet in a variety of marine environments, but they also offer an added layer to help retain heat and keep feet warm. 

While these dive socks aren’t ideal for cold water conditions, they are a lightweight and easy to pack item that is an ideal accessory for many water sports. Additionally, they fit comfortably into open heel dive fins and offer added traction while exploring on land. Without any zippers or velcro adjustments to fuss with, these dive socks are great for a user friendly and convenient foot protection in marine environments.

​Product Features

​The non-slip grip sole of the Seavenger Zephyr dive socks offers great traction to help prevent slipping on surfaces like rocks, shells and other beach elements.  Additionally, the warm neoprene material upper provides an insulated layer around feet to retain body heat, and help keep feet warm throughout the day. Featuring a 4-way stretch material, these dive socks slide on with ease, and keep a snug, secure fit on feet and inside of open heel scuba fins. They’re also designed to minimize water flow and maintain strength using glue and blind stitching seams. This combination of quality construction and materials has left many happy customers who’ve highly rated and reviewed these dive socks for use in a variety of water sports or beach adventures.


  • ​Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • ​Quick-Dry Design
  • ​Budget Friendly
  • ​Durable and Long Lasting Construction
  • Easy On/Off Design
  • 4-Way Stretch Fit


  • ​Not Designed for Use on Rough Inland Surfaces

​8. ​Promate Dreadnought Hard Sole Scuba Dive Boots 

Promate 5mm Dreadnought Hard Sole Scuba Dive Zipper Boots, Men 11 / Women 12 Black


​​The Promate Dreadnought hard sole scuba boots are specially designed for high control and power during finning action in the water. The design on these dive boots not only fits comfortably inside of open heel fins, but provides added performance through comfort and ease in use. The durable and thick rubber soles are great for exploring a variety of marine and ocean environments, including the rocky shores and shallows of the beach. 

Along with a thick and protective sole, these boots also feature reinforced heel and toe protection in the high-wear and high-stress areas of the feet. This added protection is ideal for exploring underwater, and inland, on a variety of terrains. The comfortable fit and durable build are the reason these boots are so highly rated and reviewed among customers.

Product Features

​The upper of these dive boots is made of a durable neoprene with a hard rubber sure-grip sole for ultimate traction and foot protection. The heel and toe feature vulcanized rubber to protect feet and the boots from marine elements and abrasions from hazards. They also feature a strong and durable zipper entry allowing ease in taking them on and off. All seams are sewn for strength and durability, and glued for extra longevity ensuring a quality build that will protect feet for many adventures to come. The zipper is also designed with a zipper dam to prevent water from seeping in through the slide fastener.


  • ​Quality and Durable Build
  • ​Built-In Fin Strap Lug to Keep Fins Secure
  • ​Zipper Dam to Prevent Water Seepage
  • ​Durable, Rubber Sure-Grip Sole
  • Vulcanized Rubber Heel and Toe Protection


  • ​Flat Sole isn’t Ideal for Long Walks
  • ​​More Cost Intensive

​9. ​Phantom Aquatics Scuba Diving Boots 

Phantom Aquatics 3mm Surf Snorkeling Dive Boots, 9


The Phantom Aquatics scuba diving boots are a simple yet versatile foot protection built for ultimate durability and longevity while exploring under the ocean’s surface. The low-cut design and comfortable fit of these dive boots are ideal for a divers adventuring in warm waters, or those who want to cut down on bulky gear and equipment. Not only do these boots help retain body heat and keep feet warm while wearing, but they also offer plenty of protection in the areas you’ll need it most. 

The zipperless design is great for ease in taking the boots on and off, and they fit snugly and securely because of the comfort stretch material. The durable and gripping sole is designed to offer plenty of traction while exploring the shallows, rocky shores and more. Additionally, these boots are both lightweight and comfortable to wear, and fit into the budget friendly options on this list.

​Product Features

​Featuring a durable grip rubber sole, the Phantom Aquatics scuba diving boots are great for protecting your feet from rough landscapes and abrasions from fins. The short top slip-on design makes them easy to take on and off, and the lightweight and durable neoprene nylon material keeps feet warm in cool waters and protected from marine elements. These boots are durable and comfortable, and the textured grip outsole provides optimal traction in fins, on a board, or while walking on rocks and more. 


  • ​​Lightweight and Durable Design
  • ​​Rubber Grip Sole for Optimal Traction
  • ​Budget Friendly
  • Snug and Comfortable Slip-On Fit
  • Heel and Toe Protection


  • ​​​Stiff Sole

​10. ​BPS Storm ‘Smart Sock’ Premium Water Fin Sock 

BPS 'Storm Sock' Neoprene Wetsuit Socks - with Anti-Slip Sole - Unisex Socks for Snorkeling, Beach Volleyball, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Fin Socks - Low Cut (Black/White Accent, L)


While this isn’t your typical dive boot, the BPS Storm Smart Sock is cleverly designed to protect feet while offering a flexible and comfortable fit. Perhaps the most lightweight option on this list, these dive socks provide a safe and comfortable environment for feet, which prevents water from leaking in around the ankles. Although this footwear is incredibly flexible, it still offers plenty of protection to feet in warmer water conditions and for leisurely ocean sports like paddle boarding, surfing, tidepooling, scuba diving and more. 

The soles of the socks offer great grip and traction for exploring the shallow waters and on slippery surfaces like rocks. The zipperless design is great for ease in getting the dive socks on and off, and the adjustable closure is great for keeping them in place throughout your adventure.

​Product Features

​These scuba socks feature an adjustable elastic strap around the ankle to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, and to minimize the water getting in. The durable rubber sole has a unique grip pattern allowing you to handle slippery environments with ease, and providing ultimate traction inside fins and in the shallows. The uppers are made of a stretchy neoprene for optimal comfort and warmth, and they’re designed in a simple and classy way with durability and convenience in mind. 


  • ​Comfortable Fit on Feet and in Dive Fins
  • ​Lightweight and Minimal Design
  • ​​Gripping Traction Sole
  • ​​Budget Friendly
  • Excellent at Keeping Water Out


  • ​Not Ideal for Heavy Land Use

​11. ​U.S. Divers High-Cut Diving Boots 

U.S. Divers 5 mm Comfo High-Cut Snorkeling and Diving Boot


The U.S. Divers high-cut scuba diving boots are a great product for both protecting feet, and keeping them warm in cold water conditions. The comfortable and snug fit of the boots is great for retaining body heat, while the outer layers are designed for added protection for feet and to extend the longevity of the boots. With added protection in the heel and toe of the footwear, these boots are designed to withstand the marine elements and suited for a variety of ocean sports and adventures. 

With a high-top fit and side zipper closure, these dive boots are easy to take on and off and offer protection to both feet and ankles. The quality build and construction are great for longevity to ensure these boots are with you for many adventures to come. Additionally, the sole is designed for ultimate grip and traction in fins and on slippery surfaces, which makes these boots great for a variety of environments.

​Product Features

​Featuring a neoprene upper, the sturdy construction of these boots is intended to keep the wearers feet warm and comfortable even in cool water conditions. The durable traction sole is made of vulcanized rubber, and it features a puncture-resistant layer and rubber side foxing for added protection while diving. Additionally, the quality zipper is made of a noncorrosive material, making it easy to pull on and take off and will ensure it’s durability for many adventures to come. 


  • ​​​Comfortable Fit
  • ​Non-Slip Grip Sole
  • ​​Velcro Fastener to Keep Zipper Secure
  • ​Puncture Resistant Layer and Rubber Side Foxing
  • ​High-Cut Design to Protect Ankles


  • ​Sizing can be Challenging
  • ​Lacks Ultimate Stretch

Scuba Boots Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing the best scuba boots, a great deal will depend on your personal needs. Obviously you want your boots to be comfortable and to protect your feet. That said, the conditions (water temperatures, terrain) you plan to dive under, how often you will be diving and how much you are willing to spend, will all factor into your decision.

Determining your personal needs and circumstances will help to narrow your search. At this point, you can focus on the following design and construction characteristics of the wide array of scuba boots:

  • Size and Fit
  • Thickness
  • Boot Profile
  • Sole
  • Additional Considerations

Size and Fit

Choosing a good fit and the correct size for your scuba boot is probably the most important detail to pay attention to in making your decision.  The following are factors to be aware of regarding finding a comfortable fit and appropriate size:

  • Scuba dive boots should provide a similar fit to your normal shoes. 
  • Avoid a boot that fits too tightly or too loose.
  • Dive boots will compress during a dive, so a tight fit could squeeze your toes and/or foot making it uncomfortable for you.
  • A boot that is too big and loose may cause chaffing or irritation and will be a challenge to keep on your feet during the dive. 
  • Loose boots will allow too much water to enter, causing your feet to slip in the boot and potentially come off your foot.
  • Scuba boots only come in whole sizes. If you have a half size, start your search rounding up to the next whole size.
  • Boot sizes are typically measured in mens sizes. Women will want to consider one or two sizes smaller than your shoe size to begin your search.
  • If you have diving fins, bring them along when purchasing diving booties to ensure they are compatible with the boots you are planning to purchase.


The thickness of a scuba boot will be dependent on the water temperatures you plan to be diving in and the ocean floor conditions (sandy beach or an uneven, rocky or reef area) your feet will come into contact with during your dive. 

Dive boots are constructed using a neoprene material, similar to a wetsuit. The following are factors and considerations regarding the thickness of scuba boots:

  • A good rule of thumb is your scuba boot thickness should be the same as your wetsuit.
  • Dive boots generally range in thickness from 2mm to 7mm.
  • Water temperature and your individual comfort and tolerance level should be your primary factor in choosing a thickness.
  • A general guide is water temperatures below 70 degrees fahrenheit a boot thickness of 4-7 mm is recommended, while above 70 degrees a 2-3 mm thickness should suffice.
  • If you are caught between a couple of thicknesses or have some doubts, opt for the thicker boot. Better to have your feet a little warm versus having the discomfort of cold feet.
  • Factor in the type of diving you will be doing. For tropical waters, booties made with thinner materials will be adequate. Any areas you will be required to walk or touch the oceans floor should be considered to ensure you have a sufficient thickness to hold up to rugged conditions.

Boot Profile

When you choose a scuba boot you will have the choice of the type of design profile. Boots have the option of either a low cut or high cut. The following information on both styles should help to guide your decision making:

Low Cut Scuba Boot

  • A low cut is preferable if you require less support and are looking for more comfort.
  • This is a smaller and lighter option.
  • Low cut boots are easier to transport, as they are lighter and will take up less space.
  • If you are traveling a relatively shorter distance to your dive they may also be more suitable.
  • Best suited for snorkeling or diving in tropical, warmer waters.

High Cut Scuba Boot

  • Offers more ankle support and protection.
  • May help to keep the boot in place but also may cause irritation or rubbing against your ankle.
  • If you will be transporting scuba equipment longer distances, or walking on rough terrain and/or you have ankle issues (less risk for twisting an ankle) a high cut boot may be preferable.
  • More contact with your body.
  • Provide extra warmth.
  • More functional, as it can be used in both warm and colder water conditions.


When choosing a scuba boot you will have the option of a soft or hard sole. The type of diving you will be doing will in large part impact your choice. You can use the following information in guiding your decision:

Soft Sole Scuba Dive Boot

  • If you will be boat diving in deeper waters, there is less likelihood you will be standing on rocks or rougher terrain. Foot discomfort or a need for additional protection may be less of a concern.
  • Soft boots have a more flexible sole compared to the hard sole boot.
  • Provide a more comfortable fit.
  • A nice option for individuals with wider feet or a unique foot shape or issue(s).

Hard Sole Scuba Dive Boot

  • When diving near shore, you are likely to encounter areas with rougher terrain (rocks).
  • More durable.
  • Greater protection for your feet.
  • Ideal for rocky, uneven or rough terrain.
  • Work well in insulating your feet if you have to traverse longer distances on hot sand.
  • Hard soles are stiff, so taking extra effort to ensure the correct sizing is important.

Additional Considerations

A few other factors you may want to research and consider in choosing a scuba boot include:

  • Cushioned Sole: If you are looking for maximum comfort consider a boot with a gel or foam sole. 
  • Arch Support: If you wear shoes with additional arch support you may want to consider the same in your scuba boots. The additional weight of scuba gear and going to and from your dive site should be factored. To use arch supports you may need to go up one size in your boot selection.
  • Boot Fasteners: The boot zipper should function by easily going up and down, without getting caught. However, you don’t want the zipper to be so smooth that it can unzip while you are on your dive. A nice option is a velcro strap that seals across the zipper to avoid it slipping down.
  • Heel Support: Additional heel support can help to avoid twisting your ankle when you are walking on rough or uneven terrain. 
  • Outer Foot Support: Additional support, sometimes referred to as rails, help to avoid your feet sliding around in the boot. This support runs around the edges of the sole, surrounding your foot.

This list should provide you with the information you need to begin your search and ensure you get the best scuba dive boots for your needs.

​Final Thoughts

Scuba diving boots are an essential piece of gear which can make your diving experience even better if you prepare ahead and choose the right pair. Diving and other water sports can be rough on feet, especially in cooler waters. Wearing scuba boots, however, keeps feet warm, dry, safe and comfortable even when exploring the deep blue. 

The right scuba boots for you are going to be the ones that suit your particular needs the best. From high-cut, rugged and durable diving boots to simple and classy ‘smart socks’, there’s an option for every adventure type and they provide extra safety while scuba diving. 

Consider what activities you’ll be participating in and around the water, and what you’ll need from your boots to get you there. Using this guide, and others like our recommended scuba compasses, scuba travel bags, and scuba diving lights, you’re sure to find the best scuba products on the market today. 

Do you use any of the diving boots we listed above? We would love to hear how you like them in the comments below!

What are the Best Scuba Boots of 2020?

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